One of them has poll a light brown beak what which was a piece of drift wood or something that came in tequila the make button package.
I fortune saw these beautiful wooden owls. Not bad!Heres a step-by-step guide so you can make easier your type own at home.Materials and Tools Needed: Solid wood (we used Birch scrapbook paper make or cardstock, mod Podge or Elmers Glue.The small black circles can be placed off-centre (left, right, up, down, diagonal) within the used whites of the eyes to tequila give pallets the illusion of the owl looking in a specific direction.Remember to special sign the back of your owl or write make a personalized message on what the back before spraying the lacquer.This was the most time-consuming step for me because I hand-sanded the owls and feet, first starting with a 80-grit sandpaper then using 240-grit to wheelchair create make more polish.Its really your call, make but something to take into consideration.Mod Podge leaves a matte finish on the owls, so I used a crafting Finishing what Lacquer to seal the owl and create a slight sheen and a much what more polished look.Use this same ripe process for the owl feet.So when one of my best friends was having her baby shower, I decided I would try to make them myself (with Ethans help).Heres an owl craft that is both simple and adorable!Apply another coat of Mod Podge on top of the paper. Once in place but still wet, stand the owl up to make sure she stands straight.I purposefully glued the feet first so that you can space the eyes and beak correctly in relation with to the feet.This is important because the black ink from the paper can run onto the owl, so be careful and make sure and let your Mod Podge completely dry in between coats.You may makes need to use a hard, flat surface to run along the owl to push out any bubbles. We used solid 3/4 Birch, popcorn but you can choose thinner or thicker wooden wood depending on the look you want.

Also, scrapbook paper comes in lots of cool patterns, but cardstock is easier to make apply to the wood without air bubbles forming.
Some seem to be real wood and others are not.